Good for society, your business reputation and your people – why you should support the Awards

Making a public commitment to valuing diversity and inclusion and staff development is a must for modern organisations. This extends to British healthcare at a time when there is a significant concern about underrepresentation and inequality across all workplaces.

Promoting diversity and inclusion in your organisation is becoming a prerequisite for stakeholders and for attracting and retaining the best workforce talent as well as solidifying your business reputation.

The B.A.M.E. HCAs is an opportunity to financially invest in healthcare innovators and leaders who are making a positive difference in society and at a time when COVID-19 has affected so many of us.

Get involved in the Awards to meet inspiring individuals and learn how they have dealt with their workplace challenges to help build your company to be stronger going forward.

Supporting the National B.A.M.E. Health & Care Awards will also show that your diversity and inclusion initiatives go beyond virtue signalling or lip service.

Why Supporting the B.A.M.E. HCAs is Important?

The achievements of B.A.M.E. individuals within the NHS and wider healthcare sectors deserve to be recognised more than ever since 2020 and the backdrop of COVID-19.

By supporting the awards through sponsorship or purchasing tickets, you are signalling your company wants to be part of showing that recognition on behalf of the whole country.

It sets your company out as one that values the importance of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and believes in the importance of diversity and inclusion by putting your money where your mouth is!

It will also be a unique opportunity to meet inspiring individuals and learn how they have dealt with their workplace challenges, which may help you build your company to be stronger in the future.

How Can I Sponsor the HCAs?

We have three sponsorship packages to choose from:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Please contact us  for more details