What makes a winner?

Jacynth Ivey

Compassionate and Inclusive Leader

Jacynth has an eagerness to actively listen to the voices of all staff, but particularly the often under-heard lived experiences of BAME staff and co-developing responses, creating and sustaining cultures of compassion and inclusion.

Professor Shaji Sebastian

Ground-breaking Researcher

For BAME patients, his values-based recruitment pays dividends. Cultural differences with the potential to become barriers to care, lift like the morning mist on a sunny day.

Pamela Shaw

Inspiring Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Pamela has showcased the multifaceted aspects of the NHS BAME workforce to seize development opportunities alongside limited resources.

The Teyluva Midwifery Team

Integration Innovator

The Teyluva team are a role model, providing bespoke midwifery care and continuity of carer to pregnant women from the Traveller and Gypsy community in Cornwall.

Dr. Uma Rajesh

Clinical Champion

Uma recognised that no one in Hull was taking on the needs of women who have experienced female genital mutilation.

Sarah Amani

Digital Champion

Sarah is the co-founder of the Shuri Network. Shuri is the first NHS network for women of colour in digital health.

Dr. Adwoa Danso

Health and Wellbeing Advocate

She has worked with Melanin Medics and NHS Blood Donation on their campaign ‘Black Donation Appeal’. Her videos on ‘cervical screening’ and ‘how to check your blood pressure at home’ have been the most popular.

Dr. Syed Mujtaba Hasnain Nadir

Workforce Innovator

He has a very good eye for picking up problems that we as BAME members faced in our day to day activities but more than that he would always think of solutions to those problems.