National BAME Awards

National BAME Health and Care Awards 2021

The National BAME Health and Care Awards will provide:

  • A national award for recognising the achievement of BAME staff and improved services for BAME communities. It also recognises achievements in areas of multiple discrimination faced by the most marginalised within the BAME community. For example Black and LGBT, elderly BAME people
  • Set a model national framework for evaluating and recognising excellence amongst BAME staff and those championing equity in health and care and improving the quality of services to a diverse population.
  • Improve career progression for nominees and recipients through recognising achievement and spurring motivation and offering a structured mentoring and networking programme for award recipients to support this.
  • Promote the mainstream acknowledgment of contribution of BAME staff and the promotion of good practice in improving services to BAME patients and communities.
  • Highlight current and future leaders in health and care who are passionate about health equity and improving outcomes.

By developing a high prestige, well promoted signature event that has broad support from professional bodies across the health and care sectors, there are a number of benefits for organisations supporting / sponsoring the awards. These include:

  • Being seen to actively contribute to challenging the ‘glass (or concrete)-ceiling effect’ for BAME staff
  • Fostering goodwill and good relations with BAME staff in the workplace and BAME patients and carers using the services
  • Benefiting from the media campaign for the award and media attention gained by the awards
  • Being seen as an advocate for supporting inclusion, diversity and equity in health and social care
  • Publicity through our website, campaign material and social media

Event Details

National BAME Health and Care Awards 2021

Date: 5 virtual events commencing April 15 – May 13, 2021
Time: 5pm
Dress Code: Lounge Suit / Traditional Attire
Venue: Virtual